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Why Choose Us?


We have a combined 40 years experience in physiotherapy practice and have successfully treated thousands of patients over the last 20 years throughout Simcoe County. We have substantial experience in working with extended health care, wsib, auto insurance carrier programs and their administrative requirements. We are also called upon in the course of legal court proceedings in providing expert case analysis.

We work and have raised our families in this community over the last 20 years. Our roots in the community are deep and we plan to continue our practice for decades to come.


As Registered Physiotherapists, we uphold the highest standards of care and integrity as outlined by our regulatory body (College of Physiotherapists of Ontario). Some of our competitors are not held to the same standards of care. We work for you. We do not enter into preferred provider agreements with corporations and insurance companies which can dictate your care. If you have felt like a number or that staff was too busy to answer your questions at another clinic, please come see us. We can assure you the best possible personalized care.

Physiotherapist and Locally Owned


Both our locations are conveniently located, accessible with plenty of free parking. Our offices are located on ground floors for easy access and short distance from your vehicle into our office.

We have great staff retention and it is of great benefit to our clients. Our office staff is courteous, helpful, polite and knowledgeable. They are a key part in providing a great health care experience.

Consistency of Office Staff

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